Terrorism in Egypt: Root Causes and How to Defeat it

Terrorism in Egypt: Root Causes and How to Defeat it

Proceedings of Panel discussion on “Terrorism in Egypt: Root Causes and How to Win the Fight Against It”
This report was prepared following the workshop that was held on Wednesday 16 April, 2014 at UG headquarters in Garden-City, to discuss the question of terrorism phenomena in the Egyptian society by setting features of the national plan to fight terrorism, and the mechanisms for balancing the implementation of the administrative procedures for encountering terrorism while protecting Human Rights, which is viewed as the main pillar of the Constitution of 2014.

The report includes recommendations and outputs on the main discussion which is initially planned to be sent to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Justice. Moreover it is planned to be sent to the current President of the interim Government as an opportunity to take advantage of his experience in this domain.

It is worth mentioning that the content of this workshop comes within a series of meetings titled “Messages to the future President”, which aims to discuss issues of particular sensitivity and make recommendations based on discussions from these meetings and to be presented to the future president in order to assist him in taking informative decisions. The first meeting was titled “forgotten in the midst of events – Victims of the Revolution” that discussed the statue of the victims after three years of the January 25th revolution, 2011.

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