On the Edge: FOE in Egypt 2004-2007

On the Edge: FOE in Egypt 2004-2007

This valuable study is an attempt to provide the perfect image of freedom of expression in Egypt within 2004-2007. This study is concerned with the advancements brought on the legal structure of freedom of expression in Egypt.

The study is composed of four books divided into ten parts. The first book is composed of four parts; first part tackles internal and external conditions that affect freedom of expression. Second part discusses the constitutional situation governing freedom of expression. Third part talks about the legislative and judicial stances from freedom of expression. As for the fourth part, it studies the stance of the People’s Assembly from freedom of expression and the situation of freedom of expression inside the Egyptian parliament.

The second book contains two parts; the fifth part tackles the stance of religious institutions in Egypt from freedom of expression. The sixth part tackles freedom of expression in press and the freedom of press in expressing by discussing the real situation of journals and journalists in Egypt and the violations of the press charter in tackling some local and international issues, these violations affects freedom of expression.

The third book starts by part seven that discusses freedom of expression through arts and literature discussing the legislations governing censorship on arts and foreign publications and the attempts to avoid censorship through street theatre and independent films. Part eight tackles freedom of expression through peaceful protests, whether political or religious. Part nine discusses freedom of expression through labor protests in public, entrepreneur and private sectors. The third book is concluded by part ten that tackles freedom to organization through parties, unions, student unions and civil and private institutions as part of freedom of expression.

The fourth contains the conclusion of this valuable study. The study was completed in 2008 by Mr. Negad El-Borai who devoted six months to analyzing, monitoring and comparing all information, surveys, laws and events collected by his young research team. The result was this study that was accomplished with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Cairo. It was later published by “Nahdet El-Mahrosa” publishing house, which also distributes it the Arab region.

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