Contracts and contractual obligations

We determine contractual obligations for all parties before signing the contract, and help them during negotiation phase, in addition to drafting, explanation and review of national and international contracts in Arabic and English, and determine their legal importance before courts and in accordance with applied laws.

Examples: tools leasing contract, organization merge, TV and radio broadcasting contracts, copyrights, in addition to administrative contracts between individuals and administrative entities.

Disputes related to commercial business operations and unfair competition

  • We provide legal representation and follow up of lawsuits related to commercial disputes, investment laws, and other disputes related to commercial and taxation activities on local, regional and international levels.
  • Maritime law disputes, both marine commercial debt, or pollution from ships.

Legal disputes related to public and special law verdicts

  • The United Group provides legal services regarding civil lawsuits including the protection of literary, artistic and scientific property rights, protection of commercial and industrial trademarks, the right to knowledge and the confidentiality of information and engineering drawings. The patent rights and designs related to integrated circuits, industrial designs and models, seizing counterfeit goods takes all necessary measures to prevent the continued display of these goods in markets. The unit also prosecute violators to prevent repetition of their actions.
  • Protection of copyright and neighboring rights, publishing, transcription and translation of scientific and literary illegal works, including the collection of information on violations of those rights and documented evidence to be used for judicial claims.
  • Family disputes like inheritance and wills between family members from different nationalities or religions or both.
  • Lawsuits before the administrative court, especially with regard to administrative decisions or contracts conducted between individuals and administrative entities, and compensation for breach of implementation of contracts, and travel ban requests.

Establishment and registration of different legal entities

We take all legal and administrative procedures to establish different legal entities such as fund companies, private companies, daily and weekly newspapers, NGOs, and representative offices of foreign companies and international NGOs branches in Egypt.

Patents and trademarks registration

We provide services related to registration of trademarks and patents on local, regional and international levels, according to the clients’ requirements. We also register contents of theatre plays, radio programs, movies, scripts, and songs’ lyrics.

Press and Publication

  • Legal consultations before publishing for newspapers, and TV channels, including film materials, and written materials online.
  • Provide written and verbal legal consultations on the feasibility of resorting to litigation, and legal position of the various parties in the pre-litigation phase.