Our History

U.G. Law came out of a law firm that was founded by Karima Ali Hussein in the heart of Cairo, Egypt in 1941. At the time of formation, Ms. Karima Ali Hussein was one of only five women to have graduated from the School of Law at the Fouad I University (now known as Cairo University). In her keen desire for an advanced academic career, Ms. Karima Hussein later obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Private Law followed by a PhD in Political Economics.

In its early days of operation, Ms. Karima Hussein’s law firm worked on crucial initiatives, such as the respect for individual freedoms and property. This was also a period characterized by a socialist system of governance based on nationalizing the economy and granting the state full control over production means. Dr. Karima Hussein’s firm was able, under these specific legal and political conditions, to establish legal and constitutional precedents, as well as provide legal consultancy and services to its clients.

Nowadays, the firm works under a legal system that supports opening Egypt to international markets by adopting liberal economic policies as the model of operations. It was later officially named “The United Group”, operating on a global scale towards bringing the firm’s objectives in consistency with global client needs.

Towards the closing of the first decade of the new millennium, the United Group still places the values of human rights, democracy and freedom of expression as the core of all aspects of its work.

By bringing together a team of specialists and experts, the United Group offers a range of high quality services, taking out luck and coincidence as risk factors in conducting business with our clients; replacing them with the expertise and skills which are the results of thorough planning and continuous follow-up provided by professionals.

Throughout the application of the Britton-Woods General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, new developments will continue to take place throughout the third millennium, and professional developers are needed to meet up with the challenges and terms of this agreement. The key elements of the agreement are that developing and developed countries will have access to one another’s market, and accordingly restrictions on the transfer of commodities and services in international trade will be reduced. Quantitative restrictions will also be prohibited except in exceptional cases where required, and all forms of unfair competition, whether through flooding the market or collusion, will be banned too.

In addition to the afore-mentioned agreement, there are other successful efforts in progress now to associate the principles of free trade – as established in the 1994 Marrakech Convention- with international work standards. There is thus increasing need, giving the above terms, to follow up on how the so-called “third world countries” implement such agreements, paying special attention to child labor and the provision of international work standards.

It is for meeting those needs that the United Group was formed as the first law firm of its kind in the Arab world, providing a chain of integrated legal, financial, economic, industrial, commercial, social, and strategic consultation services for institutions and legal practitioners all over the world.

Our Founder, Dr. Karima Ali Hussein

Our Vision

Empowering our clients through legal representation, implementation of creative activities to enhance investment opportunities, and economic growth for our clients by supporting the state of law.

Our Mission

Raise capacity of our clients’ technical, management and legal skills, and increase their opportunities to develop in order to help the society to develop.

Negad el-Borai

Negad el-Borai

Negad Elborai graduated from faculty of law, Cairo university in 1977. In 1981 he obtained postgraduate diploma in criminal law from the same university. After graduating, he worked as an assistant to his mother, Attorney at Law Dr. Kareema Ali Hussein.

Negad Elborai has published over than twenty books …..  Read More

Nebal el-Borai

Nebal el-Borai

Nebal Elborai was graduated from faculty of law, Cairo university in 1983. After graduating, she started her career at Dr. Karima Ali Hussein’s law firm.

She has always been interested in personal affairs law and women and children rights, she wrote several publications regarding those two issues such as “Wife’s financial rights between Islamic sharia and the Egyptian law” and “Prove of paternity between Sharia and the law”.


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