Proposed Bill for Political Rights

Proposed Bill for Political Rights

In light of the last constitutional amendments which had opened doors for the legislator to select an electoral system which provides sufficient representation for political parties inside the parliament, and allows women to active participation in political life. This project reviews the draft law of the political participation law which was developed previously by UG in November 2006 under “Save by the bell”

This issuance comes in light of three critical improvements of the Egyptian policies:
First: constitutional amendments which allowed the legislator to take an electoral system which he sees appropriate “either an individual system or list, or even adjoining the two systems approporiately” with a reasonable representation of women
Second: Shura council elections which was a real test for high elections committee on the field, and elections had clearly unveiled defects of the experience.

Third: Approving absolute operation starting from year 2007 by US national identification number and taking advantage of this in adopting electronic registration for voters.

This project is meant to amend the Egyptian electoral system 2008 in cooperation of UG with Research and political studies center at faculty of economics and political science – University of Cairo- advancing the previous project.

The project transpired over three consecutive and comprehensive phases, regardless, the shape of the ideal electoral system (is it an individual system or a list system or both) this is where you can’t certainly prove there is an ideal electoral system that is fit for application any time or place. Each case has its own standing pattern which may resemble or copy others; this is according to a set of political and social considerations, besides, related administrative and organizational matters.

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