Reaping the benefits

Reaping the benefits

A field report on sectarianism in Egypt.
Since the 19th Century, building civil country projects in Egypt contributed in presenting advanced complete model on the relation between Muslims and Christians, Which led to hiring two Christians as prime ministers in 1908 and 1919, and assume the presidency of the Parliament for a Christian citizen, also many Christians worked as ministers in the Successive governments before July 23, 1952.

However the Christians always feel that the number of the Christians participating in the political life is not suitable with their presence in the society, and this feeling increased with July 52 revolution and the appearance of the Islamic movements in the Egyptian political view.

The situation turned to be more complicated since the seventies not just in the political field but in the community in general, and there was so many evidences refers to the keenness of the government on such practices and using the violent and discriminated accidents against Christians in order to distract the Egyptian of corruption cases that the community is suffered from.

This report presents the demands of the Copts in Egypt and the vision of the Egyptian society of the right to citizenship and also the report of the Fact Finding Committee on the sectarianism events in (QNA – Abu Qurqas – Kerdasa).

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