Public Funds Abuse… a Continuous Crime

Public Funds Abuse… a Continuous Crime

This report is issued by the Public Funds Protection Unit, a specialized legal unit that works within the context of the “Community Actions towards Transaperency” project, implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development. The project aims to attract attention to the need to protect public funds through judicial mechanisms, not only to combat the embezzlement of public funds but also to combat abusing, misallocating and neglecting to develop public funds. The unit would issue a series of these reports every six months, on the one hand to inform the public opinion about its efforts and on the other hand to stimulate other institutions and individuals to follow its steps. This report covers the period from December 2008 till March 2009.

The report is divided into three sections in addition to the introduction. The first section covers the judicial situation concerning protecting public funds. The second section presents public funds abuse incidents according to the reports submitted to the unit. The third section highlights how the general prosecution reacts towards these reports.

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