United for Freedom

United for Freedom

This study took place on two bases, the first opinion poll in the five study countries, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain, the percentage of the people participated represent 11.5 % of the total respondents, and this aimed to see the opinion of the respondents who are the elite of the elite in a number of matters affecting freedom of the media one way or another.
The second base is the analysis of 378 disputes related to the media considered in the five countries during the period from 1999 to 2009, and these disputes provided a picture as close as possible to the fact that the rules agreed upon by the judiciary in each country separately, and then in the five countries combined.

The study has been appended by an extension includes discussions of the Conference which was held on Saturday, February 13, 2010, organized by both the free volume organization and the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists in Jordan.

The study also enclosed more than eighteen facilities, including comparisons between the laws and constitutions in the targeted countries, reports of surveys and comparisons of the rules of judicial, also the four chapters of the study included more than 400 tables and a number of illustrations.

This study has provided a lot of the information required to develop a strategy to deal with the community from one hand and with the judiciary and its rules from the other hand, in order to protect the media and support the right to defend the general rights and freedoms of the country and its citizens.

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