Unfulfilled Duty

Unfulfilled Duty

All the legal texts no matter its share of intensity and tightness of its words are not enough to protect the public money or other notional resources from corruption, as law does apply only on the offenders, and these offenders are working in the organized networks, and the major corruption processes is not made by one person, but multiple people vary their positions and are consistent in their desires of stealing public money and resources.
Hence the importance of providing real protection for reporters and witnesses on corruption, as these informants and witnesses are the backbone of the fight against corruption, they should be provided unusual protection from monitoring agencies and investigation agencies, as without their motivation, enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and positivity, the corruptors would steal the public money and cause problems that would be more than our abilities and potential can take.

That’s why the seminar implanted by the United Group on Tuesday 8 June 2010 under the name of “Protection of witnesses and informants in cases of abuse of public money” in the framework of the project “Community Action towards Transparency” is considered one of the most important activities of the project and may be a motivate to pay attention to this issue and put it on the agenda of the work of civil organizations and the Egyptian lawmakers.

It’s worth mentioning that this booklet was made by the support of U.S. Agency for International development.

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