Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future

“Investing in the future….why and how? This is the study issued by the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists in Jordan which aims to ensure highest degree of freedom of media where media is independent, and it also aims to contribute to set media free.
The study also aims to make way for those interested to work in building the capacity of Arabic media and assist in releasing it from all the unendurable restrictions it lays under, as well as analyze the problems facing the media and professionals in the targeted countries of the study.

The study was conducted in six countries; Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.

The study team consisted of attorney at law- Negad El-Borai and journalism researchers Sameh Fawzy, and analyst Mohamed Hussein, in addition to, researcher Marwa Salah, and Dr. Ali El-Sawy expert of political science at the faculty of economics and political science of Cairo University.

Also Osama Saraya – chief editor of Al-Ahram newspaper, Dr. Hamdy Hassan – Dean of Mass Communication at 6th October University, Dr. Howaida Mustafa -Media Professor at Mass Communication university and Nedal Mansur- CDFJ Director.

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