Guide on Neutral Coverage of the Elections

Guide on Neutral Coverage of the Elections

In recent years, a consensus emerged within the international opinion about the elements and criteria of democratic elections. It is often referred to elections that have these elements and meet these standards as “free and fair”, and this phrase has become the rhetoric for most assessments of transitional elections or subsequent conflicts.
With the increasing global interest in the elections since the nineties of the last century, a number of international organizations attempted to find a better definition of “free and fair” elections, and in 2000 the United Nations Commission for Human Rights approved specifically the definition of free and fair elections that provided a set of rules and conditions for the elections to be democratic.

All international human rights conventions stated the importance of ensuring freedom by conducting elections in a free and democratic atmosphere. The legislation related to human rights in these conventions aim to find a suitable atmosphere to conduct free and fair elections, and without these sets of rules and conditions then the elections are nothing more than a matter of formality.

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