Journalists without protection

Journalists without protection

“Journalists without protection” a sum of papers, discussions, interventions, its a product of seventy two hours of discussion; that was the workshop duration organized by the United Group under “Journalists without protection” in 2006 with the support of the embassy of Switzerland in Cairo. The book was written by the researcher Mahmoud Ibrahim
This workshop proves that journalists are those we see on TV shows and movies; sitting with a cup of coffee on one side, holding a cigarette and tears papers until he gets inspired. However, the book addresses journalists suffering with the system and the owner of the newspaper and its sources.

The workshop was attended by representatives of all colors of journalism and politics. Throughout the three days discourse on freedom to access of information, the study had also tacked economic condition and work relations of newspapers. There was a session in which live testimonials from newspapers, another session addressed registration problems at the press syndicate, then recommendations were taken throughout the final session.

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