Independence of the judiciary in Egypt

Independence of the judiciary in Egypt

This study was issued by Negad El-Borai- Attorney at law and director of the United Group (UG).
This is a background paper to the report on justice in the Mediterranean issued by the Euromed organization for Human Rights, it aims to indicate for the independence of the judiciary and judges conditions in Egypt and these are enough indicators and lead to results that shall be extracted from it.

Additionally, this book can not completely cover the judiciary institution in Egypt by explaining that the current legal situation of the Egyptian judiciary requires a special clear study. Egyptian judiciary is currently going through a new progressive phase, whereas the State policy towards it is enclose it instead of clashing. As El-Borai describes; this policy is meaner and gives far more negative results.

The book contains six main chapters ; the first chapter addresses the political environment where the judiciary exist, the second chapter discusses to what extent the constitution and the law support the judiciary and judges.

The third chapter places the Egyptian judiciary and executive power between challenge policy and enclosing attempts, and the fourth addresses corruption which infected the judiciary.

As for the fifth and sixth chapters ask an open question; is it possible for women to actually ascend to the judiciary?

The United Group issued the booklet in 2005 jointly with the Arab center for the independence of the judiciary and advocacy.

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