The Prisoners’ Handbook

The Prisoners’ Handbook

The Prisoners’ Handbook explains the legal frame governing prisons in Egypt using a question/ answer form that unravels the legal structure of prisons according to prison laws and regulations. It tackles different topics explaining the prison rules: on one hand, the rights and obligations of prisoners and on the other hand, the procedures and system administration of prisons. The key themes include detainees in pretrial detention, visits and correspondence, health, psychological and social care, procedures of transfer from one prison to another and the inspection of prisons.

Prisons Law 396/ 1956 was amended on 20 November 2015 by Presidential decree 106/ 2015. A joint committee composed of the Ministry of Interior and the National Human Rights Council amended the Internal Regulation that was released by Presidential Decree 3320/ 2014. The Handbook includes the last version of the Prison Law and Executive Regulation with the latest amendments.

The Prisoners handbook was researched and drafted by United Group’s lawyer Nada Ahmed, Hafez Abou Saeda lawyer and president of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights drafted its introduction and well-known human rights activist Mona Seif provided a testimony highlighting the importance of knowing the rights and duties of the prisoners as a guarantee to claim them.

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