People’s Assembly elections 2011-2012

People’s Assembly elections 2011-2012

The Egyptian Coalition for Election Observation

This report is the end result of all the activities undertaken to follow up on and observe the 2011 Parliament elections within the framework of the Egyptian Coalition for Election Observation, which is a coalition of a group of civil society organizations concerned with the democratic development in Egypt. The Coalition includes a number of organizations such as the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and the Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies. The role of the United Group was to draft the final report on the Observation work.

The report contains a description of the political situations in Egypt during which the Parliament elections toke place in 2010 and the new political situations after the 25th of January Revolution as the natural motivation that led to the 2011 parliamentary elections. It also contains a summary of the activities of media and field observations undertaken by the volunteers from the Egyptian Coalition for Election Observation.

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Hussein Kamel - author