National Initiative combating Torture

National Initiative combating Torture

Executive Plan

Prepared by Mr. Abdulghaffar Shukr, Vice-President of the National Council for Human Rights, with the cooperation of 14 experts, this plan is a result of an expert’s workshop to discuss and develop the executive draft against the crime of torture during the next five years 2015-2020.

In June 2014, the United Group organized an expanded conference that included a number of topics related to the methods and mechanisms of combating torture in Egypt under the title “Towards a national plan against torture crime 2015-2020”. The conference issued a strategy to combat torture through several ways.

The United Group felt the importance of transforming this strategy into an executive action plan that could benefit all those who involved in this issue within the community. This executive plan was announced to be revised during an expanded general conference held by the United Group in September 2014

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